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patient care at GMCC

Our mission is to provide healthcare for qualifying patients in Gloucester and Mathews counties and select surrounding areas. This includes making sure our patients have the best experience possible while in our care.

patient resources

Healthy Weight-Range Assessment

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patient rights and responsibilities

GMCC patients have:

  • The right to considerate and respectful health care.

  • The right to know the name of the physician who has primary responsibility for coordinating their care and the names and professional relationships of other care providers who will see them.

  • The right to receive information from their physicians about their  illness, course of treatment and prospects for recovery in terms that they can understand.

  • The right to receive as much information about any proposed treatment or procedure as they may need in order to give informed consent or to refuse a course of treatment. Except in emergencies, this information shall include a description of the procedure or treatment, the medically significant risks involved in this treatment, alternate course(s) of treatment or non-treatment, and the risks involved in each, as well as the name of the person who will carry out the procedure or treatment.

  • The right to participate actively in decisions regarding their medical care. 

  • The right to full consideration of privacy concerning their medical care program. Case discussion, consultation, examination and treatment are confidential and shall be conducted discreetly. 

  • The right to confidential treatment of all communications and records pertaining to their care.

  • The right to change physicians.

  • The right to reasonable continuity of care and to know in advance the time and location of their appointments.

  • The right to receive information regarding fees and payment schedules.

  • The right to make suggestions to GMCC and to file grievances.


The care patients receive is a partnership between the patient and the provider. Therefore, in addition to these rights, patients have certain RESPONSIBILITIES as well:

  • To provide accurate and complete information concerning their present complaints, past medical history, and other matters relating to their health.

  • To make it known whether they clearly comprehend the course of their medical treatment and what is expected of them.

  • To follow the treatment plan established by his/her physician, including the instructions of nurses and other health professionals.

  • To keep appointments and to notify GMCC when they cannot, giving at least 24 hours’ notice.

  • To follow facility policies and procedures outlined in the patient handbook.

  • Patients are responsible for their conduct, and must respect the rights of other patients and facility personnel.

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