Clinical Staff

  • Sunshine Albright, M.A. - Medical Assistant/ Patient Access Specialist
  • Debbie Ennis, R.N.- Clinical Assistant
  • Rosemary Hank, R.N.- Clinical Associate
  • Teresa King- Medicial Assistant
  • Thelma Lowe- Patient Access Specialist
  • Carol-Jo Osinski, FNP- Special Populations Practitioner (NP)
  • Wendell Poulsen, Jr., M.D.- Practice Manager
  • Wayne Reynolds, D.O.- Medical Director (Volunteer)
  • Lou Taylor, R.N.- Director of Patient Care
  • Julie White- Clinical Associate


Pharmaceutical Staff

  • Kerry Danaceau, RPh- Director of Pharmacy/ Pharmacist-in-Charge
  • Jeannette Holmes- Off-Site Medication Assistance Casworker
  • Charry Hudgins- On-Site Medication Assistance Caseworker
  • Miriam Sawtschenko- Lead Medication Assistance Caseworker/ Pharmacy Technician


Dental Staff

  • Dr. Chuck Harris, Jr.- Dental Director (Volunteer)
  • Jeannie Hudgins - Dental Assistant
  • Jeff Raphael, DDS- Dentist
  • Mindy Thomas- Dental Coordinator


Administrative Staff

  • David Burns- Executive Director (Interim)
  • Kevin Brophy- Director of Business Management
  • Judy Bucher- Data Coordinator/ Patient Access Specialist
  • Janet Gomez- Patient Screening and Speciality Referrals
  • Crystalin Meyerhoffer- Patient Access Spealist
  • Jayme Sweten- Director of Volunteer Resources