When the Clinic moved into its new home over 2 years ago, we not only expanded our Clinical Services but also start providing Dental Services for our patients.

In 2015, the Dental Clinic saw 603 adults; performed 1,670 dental procedures that valued $220,636.


Why Dental?

According to a study completed by the Sentara Foundation, access to affordable dental care represents the largest gap in medical services for this area.  Emergency rooms are getting more crowded with patients having dental problems costing communities millions of dollars without solving the problem.  

It is now widely accepted that there is a link between bacteria responsible for chronic oral infections and cardiovascular disease, stroke, low birth rate and premature birth.  

Untreated gum disease contributes to diabetics having uncontrolled blood sugar and can lead to life-threatening complications including blindness, amputation, heart disease, and hypertension.

For the reasons cited, the Care Clinic has always attempted to meet the oral needs of our patients through the variety of partnerships including paying for patients to be seen at other Clinics, developing a group of local dentists who would see one or two patients a month in their offices and encouraging large "mash type" events where hundreds of individuals would be seen in a day by utilizing volunteer dentists and mobile equipment.  

In April of 2014, the Clinic opened their new dental facility that consists of three opportories, digital equipment and space for a denture lab.  The Clinic is currently operation with a part-time dentist and several volunteer dentists and hygienists.


Who receives dental care?

Dental care is offered to current Clinic patients or by special request by community partners.  The Clinic is now accepting residents of Gloucester & Mathews who have Medicaid.  Both seniors and children are planned to receive dental care at the clinic in the near future.


Dental Services Provided Include:

Cleaning, x-ray and extractions.

Root Canals now being offered for $200.

Dentures to be offered soon.